If you have need for accommodation and would like to have access to disability related auxiliary aids or services, contact the City Clerk’s Office at 110 S. Ash, Nevada, MO 64772; phone, 417-448-2700; fax, 417-448-2707; or email HUacrews@nevadamo.orgUH. Twenty-four hours notice is requested.


Public notice is hereby given that a Regular Session of the Nevada City Council will be held on Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers located at 120 S. Ash, Nevada, Missouri.


This Agenda may be modified with the express or implied consent of the City Council during the meeting.






Tuesday, February 7, 2012

7:00 p.m.


1.   Call to Order


2.   Pledge of Allegiance


3.   Invocation –


4.   Roll Call


5.   Proclamations   


a.   Random Acts of Kindness Week


b.   Thank a Farmer Week


c.   February Vernon County Youth Task Force Word of the Month – Honesty  To tell the truth, to be fair and straightforward, and to lead a life of honor and dignity.


6.   Approval of Minutes


a.   January 17, 2012 Regular City Council Minutes


b.   January 24, 2012 Special Session City Council Minutes


c.   February 2, 2012 Special Session City Council Minutes


7.   Appointments to Boards and Commissions  


8.   Consideration of Bids


a.   Golf Course Tractor Bid


b.   Golf Course Chemical Bid


c.   Alliance Bid – Replace Motor and Re-Install Well #4


d.   Alliance Bid – Hydraulic System Center (UV system)


e.   Facility Maintenance – Truck Bid


9.   Public Participation From Those Registered With the City Clerk


10.               Communications and Petitions    


a.   North Campus Practice Field Proposal


11.               Old Business


a.   None


12.               New Business


a.   Consideration of Bill No. 2012-003 Authorizing the City of Nevada to Enter Into a Municipal/Governmental Lease Purchase Agreement With John Deere Credit for Acquisition of a Utility Tractor for the Parks and Recreation Department (Golf Course)


b.   Consideration of Bill No. 2012-004 Approving a Lease Agreement with Young Iron and Metal, Inc. for a 30 Foot Gooseneck Trailer for Recycling Purposes.


c.   Consideration of Bill No. 2012-005 Authorizing the Treasurer as an Additional Signatory for All City Checking, Investment and Bond Accounts.



d.   Consideration of Bill No. 2012-006 Authorizing Retirement of the Inter-Fund Loan Between the Neighborhood Improvement District Fund and the General Fund.


e.   Consideration of Bill No. 2012-007 Approving and Adopting a Tax-Exempt Financing Compliance Policy and Procedure


f.     Consideration of Bill No. 2012-008 Authorizing the Execution of Change Order No. 2 to the CDL Electric Contract for 71 Highway and K Hwy Lighting Improvements.


g.   Consideration of Bill No. 2012-009 A General Ordinance Amending Chapter 12, Fire Protection, of the City Code by Adding Section 12-2 (h) (Excluding Key Boxes)


h.   Consideration of Bill No. 2012-010 Authorizing and Approving the Execution of a Design-Build Agreement Between the City of Nevada, Missouri and Erwin Construction, Inc. of Nevada, Missouri for the Design and Construction of a Concession Stand/Restroom Facility at the Twin Lakes Sports Complex


i.     Consideration of Bill No. 2012-011 Authorizing the City of Nevada to Enter Into a Lease/Purchase Agreement with Heritage State Bank for the Acquisition of a John Deere 310J Backhoe Loader for the Public Works Department.


j.     Consideration of Bill No. 2012-012 Approving Contracts with Lamar Outdoor Advertising for Billboard Advertising


13.               Reports


a.   Monthly Department Reports


                                         i.    Finance Report – December

                                        ii.    Alliance Year-End Report - 2011


b.   Boards and Commissions Written Minutes/Reports


                                         i.    Park Board Minutes – December 28, 2011


c.   Mayor’s Report


d.   City Manager’s Report


14.               Miscellaneous Matters


15.                Adjournment